Our Mission:
Amplifying the voice of web publishers, we unite to build a stronger future where our craft is respected and valued.

Fighting for the rights and interests of web publishers in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Empowering our community with the knowledge and tools to thrive.

Fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth among web publishers worldwide.

Fundraiser Campaign:
Launch Trade Association Membership

Raised of $200,000 goal


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Last updated on 05/03/2024

How to Become a WPA Supporter:

Web publishers are hard-working small business owners who bring value to the Internet ecosystem by sharing their unique voices with the world.

It’s time to stand together and establish a strong trade association to create a unified voice and amplify our individual voices in the industry.

Setting up the WPA requires significant financial investment to create a solid legal foundation, hire experienced professionals, and develop the infrastructure necessary to effectively advocate for our interests, provide valuable resources and education, and facilitate meaningful connections among our members.

The Web Publishers Association may be a small seedling now, but with your support, it has the potential to grow into a mighty oak.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Establish a Board of Directors

Fund initial $25,000 by board members for startup costs

Setup non-profit corporation

File for non-profit status

Launch website with contribution options

Launch WPA course bundle for fundraiser

Raise $200,000

Create association membership offerings and policies

Legal review of membership program and policies

Hire Membership Program Director

Begin association membership enrollment

Hire PR and legal representation

Launch member community portal

Start establishing platform contacts at Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Establish corporate sponsorships and partnerships

First association conference