Support The WPA Vision By Contributing to Reach Our Fundraiser Goal of $200,000*

Contribute $100, $200 or $300 and receive one of these thank-you gifts:

Contribute $100 and receive the Silver Bundle Gift

Shane Dutka

Blogging in 2024 Mini-Course

  • Insights into the future of blogging
  • 6 types of sites that work in 2024
  • 33 minute video
Jon Dykstra

One year Fat Stacks forums subscription

  • Connect with fellow creators
  • Gain insights from industry leaders.


  • All-in-one social media scheduler 
  • Schedule in minutes, and recycle top performers


  • Google rank tracker tool.
  • Find and optimize for high-volume keywords you already rank for


  • Quickly and easily analyze search engine results
  • View and analyze SERPs in bulk


  • Track your Facebook pages
  • See best performers on competing pages


  • Create pins by grabbing images and data from any site
  • Schedule pins on auto-pilot

Contribute $200 and receive the Gold Bundle Gift

Everything in the Silver bundle, plus:

tony hill
Tony Hill

Leveraging Pinterest & Social Media for More Traffic

  • Proven strategies to drive traffic and engagement through Pinterest.
  • 47 minute video tutorial
Anne Moss
Anne Moss

Facebook Creatives for Content Creators

  • Facebook post designs that drive traffic
  • Including examples and Canva templates
  • 28-page PDF
Yoyao Hsueh

Topical Maps Tutorial

  • Optimize your content strategy with expert guidance on topical mapping.
  • 32 minute video
Zac Johnson

Mastering the Art of Affiliate Marketing

  • Proven techniques to boost your affiliate earnings
  • 17 page PDF

Everything in the Silver and Gold bundles, plus –

Ron Stefanski

100% off Udemy courses (Limited to 100 first supporters)

  • Access to the One Hour Professor email marketing course
  • 3 hours of video + 6 articles
Jasmine Hajimomen

Taxes and Accounting for Content Creators

  • Navigate the complexities of taxes and accounting with confidence.
  • 32 minute video lecture
Adi Vaxman

Scaling for Growth in Web Publishing

  • position your business for growth while avoiding unnecessary risks
  • 37 minute video
Laura Peters

Free Access to the Travel Blogging Summit

  • Virtual event (June 7th – 9th, 2024) to supercharge your travel blog.
  • Multiple video sessions

Your $300 contribution counts towards a future WPA membership!

How Does My Contribution Make an Impact? Our Pledge To You!

Your support serves as a catalyst for change. By contributing, you’re joining a united community of web publishers advocating for fair practices, industry standards, and mutual growth.

Together, we can create a web publishing environment where our voices are heard, our challenges are addressed, and our successes are celebrated.

This is our shared journey towards a more equitable and sustainable future for all web publishers.

Remember, every little bit helps!

Your contribution helps to (but is not limited to):

Establishing a Trade Association

Your contributions will fund the establishment of our trade association as a non-profit corporation, covering essential filing fees and legal services.

This step legitimizes web publishing as a profession and industry, enabling us to advocate for our rights and secure a seat at the table in regulatory initiatives.

Build & Manage A Beneficial Membership

Your support helps us launch our association membership and establish a member community portal, providing access to valuable educational resources, advocacy initiatives, networking opportunities, and avenues for personal and professional growth in the web publishing space.

Initiate Growth, Outreach, and Change

Your support allows for strategic PR and legal representation, the ability to reach out to major platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and actively lobby for change.

These efforts not only pave the way for our first association in-person conference but also enable us to advocate for change, driving progress within the web publishing industry.

For more information about our plans and goals, please visit Our Vision page and read our timeline by clicking here.

Why $200k and what will happen with this money?

Starting an official trade association requires significant capital to lay the legal and operational foundations. Put simply, we need specialized lawyers and to hire individuals to operate the association membership program.

Fundraiser Campaign:
Launch Trade Association Membership

Raised of $200,000 goal


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Last updated on 05/03/2024